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About Us


"You are the light of the world.  A city set on a hill cannot be hidden."  These are the words of Jesus Christ as written by the disciple Matthew.  The Lord has truly blessed each one of us with responsibilities.  One is to shine for His glory and the other is to show God's glory in all that we do.  This is who we are and what we strive to accomplish at Hillview Baptist Church.  We pray that each of you would remember to shine and show the world that Jesus Christ is REAL.  May the Lord continue to bless us and use us for His glory.  Remember, we are to do God's work, God's way, for God's glory.  This is not our slogan but it is our sincere commitment to Him who has given His all for you and I.


Hillview's High Calling is the Basis of our church membership.  This is who we are and what we have committed ourselves to in order to fulfill the Great Commission.  Every member understands that in order to build a Biblical Church one must commit to a Biblical Commitment.  This is what we, as a church, have adopted and have agreed upon to make Hillview Baptist Church all that Christ desires, using each member as He wishes. 


1.  God's son is to be our MODEL.  Eph. 5:1

2.  Going is to be our MISSION.  Matt. 28:18-20

3.  Growing is our MANDATE given by Christ.  1 Peter 2:2

4.  Giving is to be our METHOD for financing the church.  Mal. 3:7-12, 2 Cor. 9:7-15

5.  Giving glory to Christ is to be our MOTIVE.  Matt. 5:16


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